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I don’t know about the severity and the actual symptoms, but depression can have severe effects on cognition. So a depressive might not be “on top of” anything. As for a heat sink, the opportunities available for combined heat and power to tap into the waste heat will be too good to pass up for cities that require sources of heat for buildings. Because credit was limited, people had trouble financing new businesses.

  • So when you hear about improved heat tolerance, that’s the time to celebrate a little.
  • Paws @ 206 That USED to be the case – was when I bought mine, but they have changed the “regs” – so that now, more than EIGHT seats counts as a “Bus”.
  • According to both our host and Greg, people lived healthier lives during WWII than before or after.
  • If you don’t know all those fields, the result may appear inconsistent or contradictory.Well, at least you have to be consistent enough to be understood for an educated person.
  • On a side note the fire did so much damage to the 13 story concrete/steel building across the street that it has been closed for almost 2 years.

To put that in economic terms, they believed that the total amount of wealth was limited, if not dwindling. People therefore considered it a bad bet to assume that they personally, or their kingdom, or the entire world, would be producing more wealth ten years down the line. Of course, the profits of one particular bakery might rise, but only at the expense of the bakery next door. Venice might flourish, but only by impoverishing Genoa. The king of England might enrich himself, but only by robbing the king of France. You could cut the pie in many different ways, but it never got any bigger.

Similarly, intermittency and cost mean that solar won’t be implemented in the sort of quantities required to slow warming. You’re free to ask for more cost committments – I mean – we all have windmills. Corrections needed…Trade is never a taboo in socialist cultures, and not even Iron Curtain can prevent trade. Russia has been trading with Japan for 70 years without any peace treaty.

To SFreader @875 Please avoid selective citation, too, I was referring a closed circle of logic. When you talk about societies, you should rather use term “closed system” originating from thermodynamics. To GT @873The Munich agreement, disgraceful as it was, was to buy time.So was the non-aggression pact, wasn’t it?

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Says he who has gone through 2 elderly parents in the last few years who needed caregivers but not full time bed care. Now I’m a bit curious, one was in an “assisted” living facility for 1 1/2 years. I wonder what their total staffing is per resident?

A lot of modern cars now have adaptive cruise control as standard which is significantly more useful than standard cruise control. Cruise control, with the caveats that it only works in light traffic on straight roads without much in the way of lane changing. It works for some stretches of motorway in the north of England, basically, and during average speed camera zones where everybody tries to toe the line. Forget it, traffic is too dense and roads too twisty and some idiot will cut in in front of you and slow down, or drive up your exhaust pipe, pretty much once a minute.

LimeFX scam

You should be able to find discussions by searching for “demographic timebomb” and/or “aging population”. To SFR @845 Well thank you much, because this is exactly the thing I was looking for! Not too much can be said about that database in itself – it seems to be a fairly good collection of links, not good enough for scientific data, but rather for intellectual reading.

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Not even habitual thieves do – try stealing from one if you don’t believe me. Another thing I just remembered from cudgeling my brain over it … He could communicate with whales, porpoises & dolphins using some sort of translating machine. Again, I don’t remember if that was essential to the plot or just background world-building. I think maybe at the climax when the future cop got ready to arrest the bad guys they tried to get away but the whales were able to block their escape. Around the world, local governments and NGOs are working to mitigate and adapt to climate change and reduce consumption of fossil fuels, usually with a plan for the next years.

  • If you compare it to solar, solar is way more dangerous.
  • They closed it because it fills the air and water in the main basin with toxic “good for humanity” stuff.
  • Only time I felt like they were loading cattle into the pen.
  • I’ve had a pacemaker implanted this year, which has improved my life quality and survival chances.

But with all the set backs on the next gen reactor builds they may not be hiring much now. There’s a major flush push being done, largely because a lot of IL peeps are going full psychotic in …. To put it gently, the source of the claim is not known as a prim and proper researcher. It’s more a brand and label than a coherent set of practices, at least as far as I can see. “Tavistock” leads at one or two removes to all kinds of dubious stuff, most of which has pretty much nothing to do with the town on the Tavy, although the historical industrial practices of the area are relevant and metaphorically appropriate in their nature.

I wasn’t just talking about Western Europe only, I was talking about Eastern Europe – Poland, to be exact. It is well known that a lot of grain was exported from USSR, and supposedly from other Eastern Europe countries too. The current British power-holders appear to be worried about tumbrels, mostly, and use Nationalism as a lever to defence their position – but they also remember the glory days of the Empire . Unfortunately, if you learned power politics on the British political system in the 1990s, and understand British history, then the lessons are “Deceit works”; “Fear works”; “Keep the upper hand, or they will get their revenge”. Oh look, we’ve got a hammer, that problem looks like a nail… Part of the anti-nuclear myth is that “we don’t have enough uranium” to fuel a lot more reactors that we’ve got.

Now consider how many countries of Europe failed to be independent and strong in the face of German National Socialism in 1930s, and you can probably derive the difference between good and bad management. One thing I really cannot stand is people who are precious about their floors and insist that visitors take their shoes off before coming indoors. It makes me feel both vulnerable and trapped, and I prefer to resolve the situation by going away and remembering not to visit again. “Well, my question is why these SOP weren’t applied to Great Depression or population variations in other countries and territories (the economic crisis obviously wasn’t limited to US or UK only).”

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Work 2 or 3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads? Tell me how half the frickin’ population will live, before you cheer for this. EC @ 232 It is very rarely that I drive the GGB any further towards the centre of London than where I live .. Though there are a couple of places, suprisingly close to home, where there is “no tarmac” & two country lanes without a regular surface ( i.e. they are “whites” marked as “RUPP/BOAT” on an O.S. map ) that I use once or twice a year. But, if I drove an SWB Land-Rover, I would be facing no such checks at all …

  • D) the bronze age ran on credit, using things like measuring against a weight of silver stored in a temple.
  • Conveniently it’s tropical so the usable range is likely to expand.
  • Consult relevant financial professionals in your country of residence to get personalised advice before you make any trading or investing decisions.
  • Just for a “pre-approved” modification to my house I’m looking at 3-6 months for approvals and 1-2 weeks for the actual modification.

But in terms of driver deaths per registration year normalizing SUV to 1 you get mid-sized-car at about 1.8 and pickup at about 4. OK, one overall “grab bag” answer to points since my last at #142. Variable speed limits by “how safe the vehicle is” are nonsense; you will just as dead if hit by a “safe car” as by a 1970s “death car” at 50mph. As I said, those who don’t drive are people too. People who drive, especially those who drive “safer cars”, are simply pushing the risk onto other people. Like the UK, our government is headed by a figure called “Prime Minister ” and I still think that’s funny.

For example, a potter may make pots for a farmer to store his grain in, in return for a share of the harvest, or a man may run up a drinks tab at a local inn, to be paid off in a share of the crop or its equivalent. Now in Medieval times, the credit may have been measured in a currency that few ever saw , but that was a way to settle accounts. That’s where the phrase, “of no account” came from as an insult–it’s a person who’s unworthy of being extended limefx scammers credit too. D) the bronze age ran on credit, using things like measuring against a weight of silver stored in a temple. Coinage started when the temples were looted, the precious metals melted down into standardized amounts, these were given to soldiers to spend , and taxes were collected in coins to force the locals to accept this new kind of currency from outside conquerors. Well, some areas of the world that’s likely correct, such as South America.

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Two of them were getting ready to stage a cock fight in the plane’s aisles. By then Eastern was allowing things like live chickens as carry on and running something about one step up from a regional bus line. I don’t have a vehicle with adaptive cruise control.

LimeFX scam

We, however, advise that you invest wisely when dealing with any broker in the financial market. The issue of whether the trading platform is legitimate or a scam should not be treated with levity. Many people have been victims of scammers posing as brokers to exploit unsuspecting traders of their LimeFXs. Can you trust ActiveBrokerz to provide you with the services they claim to offer? Going by the positive reviews of traders who have used the platform for trade, and the numerous unique features that you can find on the platform, we may conclude that is a trusted brand.

The Malignant Carcinoma, on the one hand, thinks he can order the Board of Directors to give him the money he wants, and on the other hand, with threatening to cut off FEMA funds to California, after the wildfires… I find the idea that capitalism cannot exist without wage slavery bizarre – almost revisionist. The key seems to be whether assets can be arbitrarily and personally bought and sold for other assets, and used to leverage the collection of more assets . In the UK, we didn’t entirely move from using land as the key asset to money until the industrial revolution, but haven’t had anything close to serfdom since the 14th century. Another suggested read is the below which explores definitions of ‘value’ as they pertain to the economic triad, i.e., biz, gov’t, consumer/taxpayer. The below site lists reviews of this book – pretty favorable overall.

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The knowledge wasn’t suppressed, it just wasn’t there until thousands of scientists internationally got together to generate it. If there was any worry about climate change it was that we might be due for another ice age , with a faint suggestion that if we produced enough limefx CO2 it might help prevent that. The environmental effects of oil consumption were seen as things like carbon monoxide in car exhausts, dirty cities, and the Torrey Canyon disaster; things easily dismissed as no big worry, unpleasant perhaps but not catastrophic.


Assuming no other resource is limiting, you’d probably improve growth somewhat. Moz @ 454More generally, a lot of crops are hybrids that don’t breed true.Particularly if they are so-called “f1” types – amateurs have this problem, especially with Tomatoes & Sweetcorn. [ In other words I’ve had a 50% success-rate, but this was the first year & I’m learning … ] Won’t work with sweetcorn, of course, because they are monocarpic annuals. To grow sufficient quantities of food and produce in an indoor farm, crops have to be stacked. But this also means that each shelf has to have its own light source in order for the plants to grow. All these lights add up quick and so does the power bill.

SR is not the only one who has to back his assertions up with hard data. Addendum Based on this data, I can infer that the average American during the Great Depression had a better standard of living than the average Russian after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After all, the US population grew by 9 million people.

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